Welcome to Creative Building Solutions LLC.

Hi, my name is Marc 

I'm here to help you with your Remodeling and Handyman needs.

About Us

A job done right the first time.

Basement Remodeling is my primary specialty.  It is what i excel at and enjoy doing the most.  That being said, i wear many hats and can take on most all of your handyman needs.

Word of mouth business has always been a staple for me.

 If you are in a neighborhood that i have not worked in before, I believe in discounts for your job to earn more business in your area.  Please dont hesitate to ask.

Creative Building Solutions is not a large corporation.

I am somewhat of a a one man show.  A jack of all trades and a master of a few.  I am able to answer your questions directly without running them by the boss.  So just ask me and we can figure out a solution together.


Contact Us

Drop us a line.

Creative Building Solutions LLC.

Eagle, Colorado, United States

(720) 253-5858


Monday - Friday: Call me anytime, I'll pick up if I can.

Saturday: Possibly...

Sunday: Gone Fishing/Good luck  :-)